LIVE 5 Hour 1-on-1 Trading Lesson

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LIVE 5 Hour 1-on-1 Trading Lesson

If you are looking to learn our strategy from the master himself, this is the option for you. This is will help you tremendously whether you are completely new to trading, a beginner or an advanced trader. We have simplified and mastered our strategy in such a way that it only takes 3 hours to teach. This strategy has brought continuous profits for our analyst for the past twelve years.

Unlike other companies who are charging $1000+ for their courses, we don't need that. We make our profits from trading, cause we are...traders!

Course Curriculum (incl. more):

  • Basics of the Forex Market (what, why, how)
  • Basics of Technical Analysis
    • Support/Demand and Resistance/Supply
    • Reading Candlesticks + Patterns
    • Identifying Trends
    • Trading with the Trend & Trading Against the Trend
    • Top-down Analysis
    • Mastering Entries & Exits
  • Teaching of our Patented Price Action Trading Strategy
    • Past and Live Examples
  • Teaching of Risk Management
    • Initial Equity
    • Position Size
    • Managing Trades
  • Teaching of Trader Psychology
    • Master your Emotions
    • Training the Ego
    • Managing Stress

This is a rough outline, but it covers the important aspects. This 1-on-1 trading provides our clients with the ability to ask questions as the lesson goes on. We do not send prerecorded videos to you like other organizations.

After completion of the 5-hour training session, you will receive LIFETIME support from our analyst. You will get their personal email to which you can contact them regarding trading related questions. They will be your mentor for life.